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Google launches Chrome 80: silent popups and same-site cookies

Google launches Chrome 80: silent popups and same-site cookies

Once again, a major update of Google for web browser Chrome has been rolled out. With version 80 a quieter notification of popups is introduced, as well as allowing first-party cookies by default unless website owners indicate that third-party cookies are sent over a secure connection.

Google already announced at the beginning of last year that the measure regarding cookies was imminent. In October 2019 it gave another reminder to website operators. Google’s ultimate goal is to completely rule out the use of third-party cookies, with only allowing (unless otherwise specified) first-party cookies is a significant step forward.

The measure is mainly taken to improve the privacy of users, as well as preventing abuse by malicious parties who can retrieve certain cookies with data.

Quiet notification popups

Not only does Google hope to significantly improve user privacy with Chrome 80, it also wants to improve the user experience by hiding intrusive and constant notifications on websites. From now on, all notifications from a website will be listed under the calling icon in the URL bar, after which users will be able to choose whether they want to use it or not.

Finally, an option has been added that allows users to block certain advertisements that require too much from a PC, laptop, tablet or smartphone. The so-called ‘Heavy Ad Intervention’ prevents users with less specs from having an extremely slow browser experience when loading certain websites.