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BlackBerry is launching a new solution, called Digital Workplace. With this solution, employees of an organisation must be able to access on-premise and cloud content securely and easily from a remote location.

The number of employees who want to connect to company assets outside the company network is increasing due to remote work, among other things. To support this, companies choose different solutions, such as a VPN or VDI.

With its new solution, BlackBerry responds to this trend. The company even claims to make a VPN or VDI solution superfluous when using Digital Workplace, because its Zero Trust Architecture is at the basis of the solution. With zero trust, there is little basic trust in people; trust is actually only gained by successfully going through a number of verification factors. There is also extra built-in security based on artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning, although BlackBerry shares few details about this in the announcement.

Simplifying tasks

BlackBerry indicates that the solution is intended for a mixed workforce of modern companies. These days, full-timers, freelancers, seasonal workers, partners and location-independent employees, among others, want easy and secure access to content. With Digital Workplace, they can use their business email, calendar and contacts on their devices that run on Windows or macOS in the same way they do on a traditional computer. Among other things, the solution provides access to Office 365 tools.

Digital Workplace also allows IT administrators to erase company data from the device. This can be useful, for example, when a device is stolen or an employee leaves the company.

In addition, Cylance technology is used, which was acquired about one and a half years ago, and the collaboration with Awingu. Digital Workplace integrates with Awingu to simplify access to Windows and Linux apps, desktops, corporate networks and shared files.