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The new Zero Trust Network Access service aims to protect all apps, data and devices among remote workers.

Citrix announced the launch of Citrix Secure Private Access. This is a new Zero-Trust Network Access (ZTNA) service delivered through the Cloud. The company claims it protects access to apps and data from managed, unmanaged and Bring-Your-Own (BYO) devices.

According to Citrix, this enables employees to work the way they want in a secure, reliable and productive manner. Moreover, they can do so “wherever they happen to be.”

The service leverages new adaptive authentication and access policies in conjunction with security controls, including watermarking. These prevent clipboard access and protect against keylogger and screen capturing malware and browser isolation.

The new solutions mean employees can remove the friction and frustration from work, the company claims. Such frustrations often come from the need for employees to manage multiple logins and install multiple end point agents. Facing restrictions on devices they can use and locations they can connect from is also a problem. Citrix solves this problem by providing instant access to apps using native browsers or using an agent on any device. 

Moving to Zero-Trust and modernizing technology

Citrix Secure Private Access also aims to enable the modern, zero-trust approach to securing apps that remote work environments demand. At the same time, it adaptively grants least-privilege access based on user behaviors and access patterns.

The solution also continuously monitors and assesses user activities and automates security controls based on anomalies detected. And it provides unified management and distributed enforcement across the entire environment

Citrix Secure Private Access is the latest addition to Citrix’s portfolio of secure access offerings. When used in conjunction with other Citrix products, they provide a unified, comprehensive approach to securing  apps and data, the company says.

Most of all, it can do so while improving the employee experience and simplifying operations.

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