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From this spring onwards, companies will have extra options for customizing Office profile cards. In the profile overview it will soon be possible to see personnel numbers, for example, in addition to information such as the e-mail address and a photo.

The profile card, also known as the contact card or people card, shows some data and an image of a person within an organisation in Microsoft Office apps. Until now, the information that could be put on the profiles was limited to a number of standard data such as name, phone number and email address, but this should be expanded in the future.

By means of Microsoft Graph, administrators will be able to modify the content of profiles within a company as of spring 2020, in order to link more functionality to the profiles. For example, a personnel number could be linked. As a result, certain departments will have to search less in other systems.

There should also be more space to add personal experience or knowledge in a block at the bottom of the profile, which should make it easier for employees to find someone who can help with a particular project.