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Docker wants to solve more problems for developers

Docker wants to solve more problems for developers

Docker has come up with a new strategic plan. With its services, the company wants to focus more on solving problems encountered by developers.

In a statement to TechCrunch, CEO Scott Johnston explains that Docker has been undergoing a lot of changes over the past period, something that includes new plans and focal points. They looked at the original focus, namely the developers, and the expertise in containerising software. Based on this, Docker decided that it wants to solve the complexity that developers face when building, shipping and running cloud-native applications.

Three focal points

On the one hand, Docker hopes to tackle the complexity caused by the growing number of containers. Johnston calls the container magical in the early stages of technology, but because applications today sometimes consist of hundreds of containers, it has become a difficult story. The tools Docker App and Docker Compose and integrations with third party software should change this.

Another problem identified by Docker is a fragmented market with ‘tool silos’. Companies use many different solutions to support developers, which could make the management of this ‘tool chain’ difficult. For management, Docker therefore offers Docker Desktop and Docker hub, in combination with collaborations with Git repositories.

Finally, Docker needs to better support open-source management. Think about licensing, updates, and patches.


As said, the new strategy stems from the shifts that are taking place within Docker. A few years ago, it was seen as one of the most promising companies in the field of containerisation, but it had some problems commercialising its technology. Other technologies for containers also emerged, which are now quite popular.

At the end of last year, Docker’s enterprise branch was sold and the company appointed a new CEO.