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The Platform-as-a-Service (PaaS) service Cloud Foundry, subsidiary of VMware, can now run on top of Kubernetes clusters with KubeCF. This project was developed by the Cloud Foundry Foundation and SUSE, using an open source version of Cloud Foundry Application Runtime (CFAR).

The project collaborates with the CFAR operator of Project Quarks of Cloud Foundry, to implement and manage releases that are built from CFAR-deployment. KubeCF is intended to use Kubernetes as the underlying container scheduler.

KubeCF started in 2017, when SUSE Helion took over Cloud Foundry (HCF) from HPE and turned it into SUSE Cloud Foundry (SCF). That takeover has now resulted in KubeCF. In KubeCF, the code has been rewritten so that it can run directly on Kubernetes. It is also open source under an Apache 2 license, just like Cloud Foundry itself.

Containerising Cloud Foundry

The solution is a product of a collaboration between SAP, IBM and SUSE in the project “Containerizing Cloud Foundry”. Previous products of that collaboration were Eirini, for planning user applications on Kubernetes, and Quarks, for implementing and managing BOSH, a virtual machine (VM) manager on Kubernetes.

KubeCF is a tool that was missing until now, reports Chip Childers, CTO of the Cloud Foundry Foundation. A distribution of CFAR (Cloud Foundry application runtime) for Kubernetes was not yet available. “With KubeCF, we were able to fill the gap by building a repository that brings all the components of CFAR together in one distribution.”

Open-source developers on Kubernetes can immediately start using KubeCF.