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Google Classroom has been one of the most popular apps for mobile devices since last week. The app helps students to remotely take a lesson and create assignments. Because of the coronavirus, students all over the world are sitting at home. Teachers use Google Classroom to continue teaching online.

Google Classroom combines Google Drive, Google Spreadsheets, Google Documents, and Google Presentations into a single service, with additional functionality for instructors. Teachers can, for example, set assignments via Google Classroom and provide feedback and grades to students.

Students are less charmed by the app. Google Classroom massively receives 1-star reviews in the Play Store and App Store. Many of these reviews contain the comment that students do not appreciate that their weeks ‘off’ are filled with schoolwork by Google Classroom due to the corona virus.

These reviews have little influence on the popularity of the app. The app has already been downloaded 50 million times worldwide. In the United States, the app is in the top five most downloaded apps in the past few weeks. In the Netherlands, too, the app ranks high in the rankings.

Cloud services under high pressure

The popularity of cloud services is not only beneficial for providers, because the peak at once is very high, they are not always able to meet demand. This puts high pressure on the capacities of cloud providers. Microsoft reported last week that the use of their cloud services has increased by 700 percent.

This causes problems for various services and high pressure on data centres. The data traffic at the Dutch Internet node AMS-IX has never had to process so much data before. Last Sunday, during the peak, 7.88 terabits per second was processed there.