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iWork is being updated with a number of features for iPad, Mac and operating systems that should greatly enhance its ease of use. Updates have also been added for Pages, Numbers and Keynote.

For iPad, for example, use of the Trackpad has been improved by a higher level of precision, which should also make it easier to navigate large documents. New templates in Pages and Keynote (on both iPad and Mac) have been added to make it easier to make their documents look attractive. For example, in iWork users can add large, decorative first letters. Collaboration should also become easier with support for folder sharing in iCloud and the ability to edit shared documents while offline.

Pages, Numbers and Keynote

For Pages, Numbers and Keynote, you can now add colors, gradients, or an image to the background of a document. Touch & hold can also be used to select multiple objects by dragging and dropping over them. There is also easier access to recently used templates in a new template picker, and PDFs of a document with comments can be printed or exported. In addition, shared documents can be edited while users are offline, after which changes are uploaded when they reappear online. In addition, a number of new forms have been added

Regarding Numbers, spreadsheets with more rows and columns can be used. Colors can also be applied to backgrounds. A number of new themes have been added to Keynote. The iCloud functionality described above and the other new features have also been added to Numbers and Keynote.