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Check Point Software has released the new CloudGuard Cloud-Native Security to extend the protections for cloud operations and reduce the workload. 

With full automation, you will be able to get protection against the advanced cyber-attacks, especially the sixth generation. This is the definitive way for organizations to take advantage of the cloud. It is a way for speed and scale in the cloud, to be beneficial to its users.


The features you will find when you are using Check Point’s CloudGuard are:

A fully integrated security suite

This will come with advanced threat prevention to prevent APTs and zero-days from infecting workloads or the cloud. By combining unified security, workload runtime protection, firewalling, IPS, Application Control, IPsec VPN, Antivirus, and Anti-Bot, the security goes to the next level. In addition to that, all of this is powered by real-time, cloud-based threat intelligence.

High Fidelity Cloud Security Posture

With this management, users will have unified visibility across organizations’ multi-cloud environments. All of this is available at-a-glance. With that, users will have continuous analysis and control of their security cloud posture, including CI/CD and production environments, among other things.

Automated Security for Any Workload

To be clear, that is applicable in any cloud for true cloud-agnostic security. This will allow organizations to automatically secure any workload, complete with auto-scaling, auto-provisioning, and automated policy updates.


CloudGuard is an advanced cloud-native security solution with holistic visibility and easy automation for better management and enforcement of security policies. Since security disruptions in the cloud are a result of rapid migration, Check Point hopes to offer the solution.

With this, users will have a ‘one policy to rule them all’ tool, which they can quickly deploy for the best cloud-based protections.