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Google Cloud presented the beta version of Filestore High Scale. This is a new file storage solution for primarily high-performance computing workloads.

The newly released file storage solution is a further expansion of Google Cloud’s existing Filestore Service. Filestore High Scale uses technology that the public cloud giant acquired last year with the acquisition of data storage startup Elastifile.

Suitable for HPC workloads

The solution makes it possible to roll out and scale up shared file systems to hundreds of thousands of IOPS. The solution also offers a data throughput of tens of GBs and hundreds of TBs in terms of capacity.

This makes the solution ideal for HPC workloads, such as big compute workloads, that often require these capabilities. The solution also reduces the operating costs of these types of workloads, according to the tech giant. It also allows customers to better respond to the changing demand for workloads.

Other workloads that benefit from the scale-out storage service include workloads for electronic design automation, financial modelling, DNA testing and video processing.

Other properties

Filestore High Scale is a fully managed cloud service that is easy to use, according to Google Cloud. It’s possible to spin up instances with just a few clicks and automate management via Google Cloud or API calls.

The service also works with Google Cloud Monitoring which monitors the status of file storage service and can be integrated with various HPC workload management scheduling systems. The public cloud platform also added a new feature for access control to provide better security.