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Adobe announced several updates to its Creative Cloud apps. The apps range from Premiere Pro, Photoshop, Illustrator, After Effects, the XD design tool, and Lightroom. Like many of their recent releases, the updates to these apps emphasize the usefulness of bringing in AI to the functionality.

Most of the AI-enhanced apps work better this way and include even the recently launched Photoshop Camera app. In addition to bringing in the power of AI to the applications, the updates also include a mix of new features, performance improvement, and workflow enhancement.

New features Adobe Photoshop

Among the smart tools introduced to Photoshop, you will find the ‘Select Subject’ feature, which has undergone a remarkable change. At the moment, using it to isolate faces and other desired parts, you will notice that it does a much better job than the earlier iterations.

Usually, the tool would do a pretty good job of isolating what you needed isolated. However, you had to put in a lot of manual work to make that happen. With the update, the system is now able to do a better job and give you a more satisfying experience.

Another new feature that you will find here is the auto-activation for Adobe Fonts. For example, when you open a photoshop document that uses fonts you have not installed in your device, it can auto-activate them. There is also an update to cater for rotatable patterns and another update to the ‘match font’ tool that uses Sensei to find the matching fonts from a photograph.

iPad features

If you are a user of Lightroom or Photoshop on the iPad, you will be happy to know that the two are now tightly integrated. With that, you will have an easy time sending images from photoshop to Lightroom.

If you are a creative cloud subscriber, you will get access to these and many other features, once you install the latest updates.