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Workday and IBM join forces to get businesses on track amid COVID-19

Workday and IBM join forces to get businesses on track amid COVID-19

IBM has joined forces with Workday to help companies resume their work amid the ongoing Covid-19 pandemic. Their plan is similar in concept to the Salesforce and Siemens partnership in June, which aimed to offer mobile boarding passes.

The combination will leverage IBM’s Watson Works tool that caters to the safety of an employee and their workplace. It will combine with Workday’s planning capabilities to ensure employees get back to work safely.

The teaming up will provide employees with the assistance and information they will need as they go back to their physical workplaces. Workday contains Workday Adaptive Planning product that will help companies in planning and modeling for better decision making.

A safer workplace, courtesy of AI

Additionally, Workday will provide Workday Human Capital Management to offer data and analytics on sentiments from employees.

On the other hand, Watson Works uses Watson AI to determine whether it is suitable for an employee to go to their workplace.

The software also handles facility management, workplace safety, and contact tracing. Consulting services will also be made available to the customers by both teams as they look forward to seeing businesses resume while adhering to the Covid-19 regulations.

Companies will be able to model site capacity and place the eligible employees to work while planning efficiency usage of the available space in their premises in the context of social distancing.

A changing world is changing tech

The software provided will enable companies to check on the COVID-19 trends for each location and determine whether it is safe for workers to resume to their workplaces.

The team’s offering will also help companies monitor and control workforce sentiments while compiling data for planning purposes.

The GM of Planning Products at Workday, Kshitij Dayal said, “Combining the power of Workday with IBM Watson Works can help accelerate customer’s return to workplace planning with a sustainable solution to balance workforce and workplace supply and demand in the ever-changing world.”

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