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Google has begun rolling out new updates for its Chrome web browser to ensure that it can increase user productivity and make the experience much faster than usual. The specific changes they are making are on the tabs and the newer tab grouping feature.

They want to make this easier and quicker to use. Looking into the changes’ specifics, Google promises that the improvements will make pages load 10% faster and reduce the impact idle background tabs have.

If you combine all these things, they will address the issue Chrome users always complain about power. Many of them have no choice but to open multiple tabs, which can heavily impact devices’ power usage.

An update to tab grouping

Google, in May, brought in tab groups in beta mode. This feature was used by many to add their open tabs to a group to make sure that not too many tabs are accessible at any given time. It can get cluttered and confusing.

In asking those who were testing the beta about this feature, Google got the request to tweak tab groups. With it, users can focus on the tabs needed urgently by collapsing the ones they do not need to use immediately.

Google is bringing a new touchscreen interface for tabs designed for use on laptops when they are in tablet mode. Chromebook users will be the first to get it.

Easier and faster

If you start to type in a page in the address space on the Android version of Chrome, you will get suggestions to switch to the tab if you have already opened it before. URL sharing will be more comfortable now, as they can be sent through other apps.

There will be a new QR code feature that can generate and allow you to print new QR codes. The features will be available for use soon. There’s more, as users will find out.