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Google boosts performance with the release of Android 11 Go

Google boosts performance with the release of Android 11 Go

Google has launched a new version of its mobile operating system for low-powered handsets, with improvements and privacy control expansions. Android 11 Go will most likely grow Google’s mobile install base. The operating system first appeared in 2018, and now more than 100 million entry-level devices have shipped out globally with this version.

The Android 11 Go version announced by Google can launch apps 20% faster than its predecessor.

This is a direct result of an increase in the amount of memory the OS can use. Google has boosted the maximum RAM capacity that Android Go devices can have, from 1.5 gigabytes to 2 gigabytes.

Smoother performances

With improvements like more RAM, it means that the apps able to run in the background of Android Go devices will increase. Right now, the version can support four more apps than the previous version, according to Google.

Privacy was another part that needed improvement in the development of Android 11 Go. There is a new feature called one-time permissions from the standard Android 11 version launched around the same time.

One-time permissions ensure that users can limit how much information apps that request for access to things like location permissions, can collect. 

Major interface changes

Sagar Kamdar, the VP of product management for Android, explained how this would work. In the blog post, he clarified that if one hasn’t used the app for a while, the app permissions automatically reset, and you get a notification of the change.

Among the improvements made to the Android 11 Go version are interface changes. It is now more expanded and includes a new tab that will allow users to view messages from different chat apps in one place instead of toggling between them manually.

Qualcomm, the leading chip supplier for Android, said they would introduce 5G support next year in their Snapdragon 4 processors for low-end devices.