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The Modern Network framework is designed for Data Center and Cloud computing.

This week VMware unveiled what it calls the Modern Network framework. This framework is to enable businesses, and their IT and application development teams, to accelerate adapting to a new normal. According to the company, this will help customers realize a modern network of their own.

The Modern Network Framework builds on the Project Monterey enterprise virtualization strategy. The company outlined this strategy at its VMworld conference last month.

Focus is on firewalls

Part of the new framework includes eliminating the need for the hardware firewall. Such appliances were once a mainstay of information technology security but are now inadequate for the needs of today’s services-based applications, according to VMware.

VMware said its NSX Services-Defined Firewall will be available on a SmartNIC. This will enable IT organizations to run stateful layer 4 firewall services at line speed. A stateful firewall monitors traffic in context (in its state) to detect malicious activity. Layer 4 is the transport layer. This is the part of the computing system responsible for flow control, segmentation and error control.

The top-down approach VMware is taking distributes many mini-firewalls around the network, each tailored to the needs of a particular application.

Virtual Cloud Network

VMware’s Modern Network framework is based on its Virtual Cloud Network. The Virtual Cloud Network is powered by the VMware NSX network virtualization platform. It enables the public cloud experience for enterprise workloads running in private and multi-cloud environments, according to VMWare.

To achieve this level of cloud operation, VMware NSX delivers the industry’s only complete L2-7 virtual networking stack. This includes switching, routing, firewall, security analytics, advanced load balancing, and container networking. It also extends the Virtual Cloud Network to connect and protect modern application environments with VMware Tanzu Service Mesh and support for Project Antrea.

Project Antrea is an open source project that enables Kubernetes networking and security wherever Kubernetes runs. The Virtual Cloud Network runs on non-virtualized bare metal servers, VMs, containers, and across every cloud.

“Our customers must efficiently manage the rapid shift to remote work, deliver applications faster and more securely, and reduce the cost and complexity of connecting and protecting the distributed enterprise,” said Rajiv Ramaswami, chief operating officer, products and cloud services, VMware.

“The Modern Network framework…takes a top-down view that puts users and applications first. This is the promise we are delivering on with the Virtual Cloud Network.”

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