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SAP is also working on low-code tools to build workflows

SAP is also working on low-code tools to build workflows

SAP has announced Cloud Platform Workflow Management. It is a tool with which users who have little or no programming skills can build their own workflow for SAP’s systems.

The Cloud Platform Workflow Management tool allows users to build automatic systems for repetitive processes that are normally performed manually. Juergen Mueller, the CTO of SAP, uses the process of hiring a new employee as an example.

“We like to think in end-to-end processes, and the one fitting into the employee onboarding would be recruit to retire”, he said to TechCrunch. “So it would start at talent acquisition.”

Such a process involves several steps, like indicating which benefits an employee would like to have with their job. These questions can be asked using the survey software of the recently acquired company Qualtrics. This can then be automatically imported into the user’s systems.

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SAP Ruum

SAP has also released a simplified version of Cloud Platform Workflow Management, called Ruum, for use in departmental processes. This allows companies to automate repetitive processes.

Salesforce Einstein Workflow Automation

SAP’s new solutions are very similar to Einstein Workflow Automation, which Salesforce announced last week. That system also makes it possible to automate processes with low-code but adds an AI element that gives suggestions for optimization.

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