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On Monday, Microsoft announced a new Datasets hub in the Power BI personal app and Power BI service in Teams. The addition will allow users to find, explore and use datasets in their respective organizations. The datasets hub can be used in scenarios like:

  • For users to see dataset usage metrics, reports, status and lineage for monitoring and managing datasets.
  • When report creators want to find the appropriate datasets to build their reports on, from templates or scratch.
  • When report consumers want to find reports derived from trustworthy datasets

With such diversified use and clear lineage, these should be welcome additions for Teams users.

Where to find the hub

To access the Datasets experience, here’s what you do:

  • Select Datasets in the navigation pane of the Power BI service
  • Select either Datasets tab or Datasets in the navigation pane of the Power BI app in Teams

By making it so easy to locate the quality datasets and reports related to them, the hub ensures there are no redundant datasets or reports. It is also easier to find good reports that can then be used as the starting point to create new ones.

There are also curated datasets that you can use to build your reports on.

Recommended datasets

Part of writing good reports or making sense of datasets, is find the right data to use. There is now a feature to present users with recommended datasets. These are endorsed/promoted/certified datasets that are presented, based on how recently they have been refreshed or how recently you have visited related reports or dashboards.

If you do not see a recommended datasets section, it’s probably because none of the datasets you have accessed recently, are promoted or certified.

For the dataset owners, means are provided to make your datasets more discoverable.