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Microsoft is developing a new version of the Outlook app for Windows and macOS. The company wants to simplify all the different email applications into a single design.

A screenshot shared by Windows Central shows an interface similar to the browser version of Outlook. The difference is that it’s not running in a browser but as a stand-alone app. The app should be lightweight and have a few extra features, such as offline storage and notifications.

Office Outlook replacement

According to Windows Central sources, Microsoft intends for this application to replace the built-in e-mail and calendar apps in Windows 10 by 2022. It should also replace the full version of Outlook on Windows and macOS in the longer term, but due to the enormous amount of legacy code, this will take some more time.


Before the new version of Outlook gets rolled out to Windows 10, the existing email and calendar apps first receive some user interface updates. This will keep the appearance in line with the facelift planned for later this year.

Other updates for Windows 10

In addition to the major facelift that is rumoured to be rolled out in the autumn, Microsoft also has some other plans for 2021. For example, the company is said to be working on running Android applications and emulating 64-bit x86 applications on ARM processors. The company is also planning to roll out Windows 10X, a lighter version for cheaper hardware.