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The ability to drag and drop attachments between the two applications should have been available from the start.

This week Microsoft rolled out a practical new feature for Microsoft 365 and Office 365 users. Specifically, they have added a “drag and drop” function between the Outlook email client and the Teams collaboration app. This that means one less step when moving attachments

It is strange that this capability was not always available. Outlook and Teams are part of the same 365 productivity suite of products, after all.

Feature was requested years ago

Microsoft Teams users themselves have been asking for this capability for years. Indeed, the first recorded request appeared in the Microsoft Teams User Feedback Forum in November 2016.

“Dragging and dropping attachments directly from the e-mail window without having to first drag them onto the desktop (for instance) and them from there dragging them to the files tab in Teams would make many lives so much easier,” a user posted.

“There are a few suggestions to enable drag and dropping, but it seems that it is already working, at least with the desktop client, but making that work directly from an e-mail window would be very nice,” they added.

This week, those prayers were answered. On January 20, a member of the Teams Engineering group, responded to the original post from 40 months ago.

“Thank you for your feedback,” she replied as if the post was fresh. “I’m happy to let you know that drag and drop support for file attachments directly from Outlook to Teams is now available.”

No doubt this feature will make life easier for Microsoft 365 users. Still, they will have to content themselves with the old adage, “better late than never.”

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