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Sophos Group announced on Tuesday that it is partnering with Qualcomm to provide Intercept X endpoint protection to 5G PCs powered by the Qualcomm Snapdragon compute platforms.

Qualcomm’s main 8cv compute platform unveiled in December 2018, offers seven-nanometer CPUs designed for Windows 10 PCs.

The platform enables 5G connectivity built on smartphone technology, to give users premium performance and efficiency to 4G and 5G cellular-connected laptops (they’re thin and have no fans for ventilation if they overheat.)

With the Sophos Intercept X endpoint protection, users on the Snapdragon compute platform will be using next-gen security.

Next-gen performance

Intercept X was developed to protect advanced computing systems and endpoints. It uses deep learning artificial intelligence and anti-ransomware capabilities to stop cybersecurity threats.

Devices protected by Sophos Intercept X will also offer the Snapdragon-powered PCs leverage connected standby so they can be in continuous communication with devices, allowing security investigators to reduce blind spots and capture all data, which would be harder to do if they are offline.

AI acceleration through the Qualcomm AI Engine compiles increasingly AI-dependent software in real-time, on devices optimized to run faster and use battery power better.

From traditional to modern

Joe Levy, the Chief Technology Officer at Sophos explained that an always-on, always-connected, interactive computing environment, combines smartphone and PC technology, to give users unique security and opportunities.

Mobile devices have historically had fewer security incidents than PCs on traditional architecture, according to Levy, who also said that it is not because they aren’t common, but because they run on a modern architecture that has better predictability, compared to PCs, ensuring that vendors can design them to offer high-performance and security.

Sophos expects that Intercept X for Snapdragon compute platforms will be available in the second half of this year.