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New all-in-one subscription allows MSPs to manage, secure, backup and automate customer environments from a single subscription.

Kaseya CEO Fred Voccola has been talking for years about the complex situation many MSPs find themselves in. These have to do more and more work, but they also have to do it more and more efficiently. The number of tools MSPs can use to do this is also only increasing. We wrote this article about this a few years ago.

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Kaseya’s platform approach

To address the problems faced by MSPs, Kaseya has built its own platform, KaseyaOne. That acts as the hub of Kaseya’s offering, which now also fully integrates Datto’s portfolio. This makes it possible for MSPs to operate from a centralized environment. Especially with the ever-increasing complexity and numbers of tools we talked about above, this is already a good development for MSPs.

For the customers of MSPs, however, not much changes in this scenario at first glance. They still have to take out licenses and subscriptions for multiple tools. That can sometimes be costly. As a result, MSPs are sometimes unable to provide everything they would like and need within their clients’ budgets. Especially in the area of cybersecurity, the clients of MSPs, usually SMEs, are quite vulnerable. MSPs really shouldn’t skimp on that. Yet that’s what happens.

Kaseya 365

Kaseya 365 is the next step Kaseya is taking in continually integrating its offerings. In this case, it is not a technical integration, but an operational one. Kaseya 365 involves MSPs taking out a single subscription and thus passing it on to their customers. Included under Kaseya 365 are all the major things, namely remote monitoring and management (RMM), endpoint detection and response (EDR), managed detection and response (MDR), patch management, ransomware rollback and endpoint backup.

To these, Kaseya is also adding twenty so-called core automations. These automations are also very important to MSPs, as they help set everything up as efficiently as possible. We already wrote a more extensive story about this last year when we attended DattoCon in Miami. Be sure to read back that story about Cooper AI and Cooper Bots as well.

Radical simplification

Kaseya 365 is a radical simplification of how MSPs partner with Kaseya to serve their customers. Not just from an operational standpoint, in selecting what to select and what not to select for customers. Above all, it is a big step forward for MSPs in terms of cost. At least that’s the promise. According to the company, a subscription to Kaseya 365 would cost only a fraction of what it would cost to purchase all the individual components.

Kaseya 365, coupled with a more efficient way of working, should in turn cause MSPs to turn a lot more profit overnight. Voccola talks about 30-50 percent growth in profits. In addition, MSPs will no longer have to make all sorts of difficult decisions about which components they do take away for their customers. It’s all in there by default. Of course, Kaseya’s goal with this is that the portfolio will be used even more broadly.

All in all, Kaseya 365 is a big announcement. Not just for Kaseya, but certainly for the MSPs and therefore the customers of those MSPs. However, if you have been following Kaseya for a bit longer, it is also a very logical next step, after the company’s developments over the past decade. The acquisitions, the expansion of the portfolio, the integration of the components with and into each other, KaseyaOne and now Kaseya 365.