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PeachPie version 1.0.0 lets you run PHP in .NET projects

PeachPie version 1.0.0 lets you run PHP in .NET projects

PeachPie is a platform that allows developers to use PHP as if it was a native .NET language. It has now reached its 1.0.0 release. The platform comes with a compiler, runtime, IDE support, extension libraries, and MSBuild. The team behind it has been working for years to get this version out of the gate.

The focus for this new release was to get a few open-source PHP projects and clients’ apps running smoothly on .NET.

The features added in the version 1.0.0 release will give users more control over the opening, building, debugging, and profiling of PHP Projects in Visual Studio.

Other features

It comes with the latest WordPress version running on .NET, composer packagers with compilation abilities and that can also be used as a class library by a C# application and code analysis that gives detailed diagnostic reports about the PHP code.

Some sample use cases highlighted by the team behind this include the integration of existing .NET and PHP applications, running PHP cross-platform, migrating code from PHP to .NET, and using .NET tools for PHP code.

In a post, the team elaborated more on what the new release can do.

The benefits

According to their explanation, the team is essentially giving users all the good .NET tools free of charge. They include diagnostic tools, monitoring and performance counters, Ahead-of-Time compilation, GUI, Just-In-Time compilations, packaged from NuGet feeds, MS Build, and more.

The PeachPie Team says that version 1.1 will bring interoperability features like “dynamic” in C# understanding PHP types and expand support for .NET value types among other things.

The team also said that version 1.2 will focus on improving the performance of compiles applications and the compilers. After that, the team wants to evaluate principles and APIs to clean up some of the internals.