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Apple is experiencing delays in the production of some MacBook and iPad models because of the chip shortage affecting the world. The report comes from Nikkei Asia and cites multiple sources. Recent reports say that Apple is planning to introduce new additions to the MacBook Pro and MacBook Air lines.

The report by Nikkei says that sourcing chips have caused delays in a stage of the manufacturing process where Apple suppliers put the components on the laptop circuit boards.

The semiconductor shortage is coming at a time when Apple is making major changes to its supply chain.

What is happening?

For over 10 years, the iPhone maker used CPUs from Intel to power MacBooks. Last year, however, the company began transitioning to its in-house M1 chip.

Recent reports say that the upcoming MacBook Pro and MacBook Air models will both have the Apple-designed chips. Apple says that M1 can run some applications up to twice as fast as a comparable Intel chip.

Nikkei attributed the iPad production issues to a shortage of displays and display parts. Modern displays need an integrated circuit to build. This affects the supply chain of this market because it is also affected by the semiconductor shortage.

Apple perseveres

It is believed that Apple is preparing to release a refreshed iPad pro with enhancements that include a sharper display and a processor comparable with the M1 chip used in some MacBooks. The components shortage has led the company to push back some orders for iPad and MacBook parts.

The impact on product availability is not yet clear or even present. Production plans for flagship iPhones are still on track for the time being.

The global shortage may impact new product lines the company could be working on.