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Syntax announced that it has acquired Linke, a European provider of services used in migrating SAP environments to the Amazon Web Services cloud. Syntax provides managed services for multi-cloud and multi-ERP application deployments.

This acquisition allows Syntax to grow its European market share while getting access to new SAP-on-AWS services capabilities.

Christian Primeau, the global CEO of the Montreal-based company, confirmed the news on the same day.

About Syntax and the acquisition

Primeau said that the company focuses on cloud-based crucial application management for customers. It employs over 1,400 people and has over 500 clients across the globe. Syntax focuses on deploying and migrating Oracle and SAP applications into AWS and Microsoft Azure.

The deployment and migration activities take place on private and hybrid clouds as well.

With Linke, Primeau says that Syntax will expand its global presence and gain a foothold in France, Spain, Portugal, and the Nordic countries. The acquisition also brings a portfolio of solutions for SAP pre-installed systems on the AWS marketplace, including SAP S/4HANA.

Syntax’s storied acquisitions

Linke also comes with AWS Connect, which gives customers direct access to AWS services directly from SAP. The AWS Connect capability is important because it can be used to archive SAP documents directly to AWS and provide bi-directional traffic so SAP can use AWS capabilities.

Since Syntax was founded in 2016, Linke is its fourth acquisition. The others are Core Services Corp (Oracle expertise and offerings), Emerald Cube (JD Edwards expertise and solutions), and Freudenberg IT (AWS expertise and technologies).

Syntax expects to continue getting organic growth and Primeau said that the company is not for sale, even though potential acquirers have tried to buy it.