AWS enhances cloud backup capabilities with AWS Backup Audit Manager

AWS enhances cloud backup capabilities with AWS Backup Audit Manager

Amazon Web Services launched AWS Backup Audit Manager to offer companies a tool they can use to check if their data protection processes work as intended and comply with regulations.

Enterprises regularly create backup copies of their data to prepare for the risk that some information may become inaccessible because of technical issues or a cyberattack.

To assist with the task, AWS has a service called AWS Backup, which allows companies to create copies of their data automatically at regular intervals to offer recovery options if the original data is lost.

An easier way for admins to monitor backups

The Backup Audit Manager is part of AWS Backup. Administrators can leverage it to define a set of technical requirements dictating how often backups are created.

Then, admins can use the tool to find parts of AWS deployments that do not meet requirements.

AWS developer advocate Steve Roberts wrote in a blog post that AWS Backup Audit Manager users can continuously and automatically track their backup activities like changes to a backup plan or backup vault, with automatic daily reports included.

Defining rules

An IT team could, for instance, define a rule in Backup Audit Manager that says backup copies of an app should be created at least once every hour.

Creating frequent backups is important since it limits the amount of data lost in an outage. If a company creates backups every hour, the worst that could happen is that the company loses only one hour’s worth of data in an outage.

Detecting when backups aren’t created often enough is crucial to prevent data loss, which is why Backup Audit Manager has this detection capability.