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Six years after the original launch, a redesigned version of the first iPad is set to be released along with a new iPad Pro.

The iPad Mini will hit markets in late 2021, while the new iPad Pro will be released sometime in 2022.

The updates to the iPad Mini and Pro

Apple Inc. saw many iPad sales during the Covid pandemic and is further capitalizing on this trend by working on a redesigned iPad Mini and an iPad Pro with wireless charging. The primary design change tested for the iPad Pro is switching from an aluminum enclosure to a glass back. This change will make the iPad look more like the iPhone as those were changed to glass backs years ago.

The iPad Mini will possibly have more narrow screen borders, and the company is also testing how it will work with the home button removed. And course, the iPad Pro is being optimized for wireless charging- which has not been done before.

Wireless charging

Wireless charging has been made possible by replacing power cables used with inductive mats, making charging easier and more efficient. Even though this is not a new feature in smartphones, it is rare in tablets.

Apple Inc. has been making iPhone models with wireless charging capabilities since 2017 and updated them in 2021 with a MagSafe system that uses magnets to ensure a consistent charging speed. They are testing a system similar to MagSafe to use for the new iPad Pro. It may be slower in tablets to charge wirelessly than by directly plugging a charger into the iPad’s port, which will still be available in the models to come.

Apart from this, Apple is also working on other developments for the iPad Pro, such as ‘reverse wireless charging.’ This would work by users charging their Apple gadgets such as their iPhones and AirPods by putting them flat on the back surface of the tablet.

Other exciting projects

Apple has also been working on a thinner version of the entry-level iPad meant to be used by students. It has been stated that it may be released by the end of the year, just like the iPad mini.

It is still too early to confirm which changes will be made and what features will be added, and it is possible Apple cancels or changes its plans before the launch. A spokeswoman from Apple has declined to comment.