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Delphix releases Data Vault for ransomware protection

Delphix releases Data Vault for ransomware  protection

Delphix claims that its Data Vault will be able to protect precious data from ransomware raiders and more.

As technology continues to evolve, hackers and their approaches to data are getting complicated as well. Modern businesses need to invest in high-tech ransomware products to protect themselves, and Data Vault is the perfect solution.

Why is Delphix the better option

Delphix was a database for virtualized golden copy suppliers which organically evolved into a programmable data infrastructure supplier. It has a Data Platform software that automates data collection from ERP sources and databases running on mainframes, in the public cloud, or on the X86 servers. Their data is available on-demand for dev and test, among other uses.

They have stated that their software engines can connect with many source apps and provide virtual files and databases for hundreds of different environments. All virtual datasets are provisioned as independent network mounts. This new capability allows Delphix engines to act as data vaults that can isolate the good data in a read-only and tamper-proof repository.

The setup

The Data Platform software has been built using scale-out architecture. It has data engines with the capability to be deployed on-premises, data centers, multi-cloud environments, and different network security zones.

The engines can also be linked using changed-block, configurable replication across secure networks. Data can also be continuously protected, secured, made immutable, and be isolated to prevent data loss and tampering.

Research director at IDC, Jim Mercer, has said: “COVID-19 vastly increased the risk to organizations of insider attacks as the number of remote workers requiring access to systems and applications rose. The reality is traditional security technologies are simply ineffective against this class of attack.”

How will it work

The theory behind the product is that all data in the Delphix Data Platform can be sent to the Data Vault for perseveration with defined retention periods behind virtual airgaps that even administrators cannot change.

Ransomeware attacks primarily depend upon successful phishing or a similar concept that helps them gain internal network entry. Keeping this in mind, the attackers will not easily access and encrypt the data within the Data Vault.