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Amazon Web Services announced on Thursday, the introduction of Workflow Studio, a low-code tool that’s geared to reduce the amount of time and effort it takes to build apps on the AWS public cloud.

Workflow Studio is being offered as part of AWS’s Step Functions service. This new tool also uses the AWS Lambda serverless computing platform. AWS has introduced many services and features to its cloud over the years to make app development faster and easier. In 2014, Amazon hit a significant milestone with the introduction of Lambda, a platform that popularized what’s now known as serverless computing.

How it came to be

AWS then enhanced that concept, when it launched Step Functions in 2017. The newly announced Workflow Studio is now a part of that enhanced concept. Here’s how it works. Using Lambda, a code snippet can be deployed to perform a single task, like calculating the total value of purchases made by a customer.

Using Step Functions, developers can combine varying code snippets from Lambda to create workflows for enterprise applications. Before this, the only way to use the service was to learn a programming syntax language called the Amazon States Language that AWS developed at first for the task.

Code for the masses

Using Workflow Studio, developers can create serverless workflows for their applications, using a simple drag & drop interface. As Marcia Villalba, AWS’s senior developer advocate explains, Workflow Studio simplifies the building of enterprise apps that are applicable in industries like eCommerce and e-health services.

With it, the complexities of building resilient and scalable applications are abstracted away, by aggregating AWS services into workflows. A company building an app for any function could use the tool to build a workflow that performs the functions it is programmed to.