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IBM has announced the next generation of its operating system for its IBM Z systems. The IBM Z series is a suite of mainframe servers used by large enterprises and organizations.

IBM z/OS version 2.5 aims to accelerate the adoption of hybrid cloud and AI while also encouraging modernization initiatives.

A recent study conducted by the IBM Institute for Business Value found that 71% of executives say mainframe-based applications are still important to business strategy. The study predicts that within three years, the percentage of businesses using mainframe assets will double.

To what end?

IBM z/OS v2.5 comes with a tightly integrated AI functionality to drive high performance. The new AI improvements are designed to help users make more informed decisions.

In addition to the AI, the security side of things is also expanded to include pervasive encryption in the form of basic to large format SMS-managed sets and anomaly mitigation capabilities that use JES2, Workload Manager (WM), Runtime Diagnostic, and Predictive Failure Analysis (PFA).

The OS updates also improve the experience for those running on the hybrid cloud.

What v2.5 brings

IBM z/OS v2.5 comes with new Java and COBOL interoperability to expand current programming models, improve performance and ease of use for z/OS Container Extensions and transparent cloud tiering, as well as Object Access Method cloud tier support to manage expenses (capital and operations) better.

Ross Mauri, the General Manager for IBM Z, says that the company is all-in on hybrid cloud and AI, with a deep focus on innovating in things like AI and new security capabilities on the servers to help clients modernize quickly.

For IBM’s clients, the new version of the OS brings new security and resiliency, as well as AI integrations to enhance business transactions.