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The move will allow them to develop an indoor mapping platform.

ServiceNow this week announced that it is acquiring Mapwize, an indoor mapping company. The move is just the latest in a series of acquisition deals by the expanding digital workflow company.

With Mapwize, ServiceNow will provide indoor mapping capabilities for employees. This will help them reserve seats, conference rooms, workspaces and workplace resources, as well as navigate offices, from their desktop or mobile devices. Mapwize capabilities will also help workplace teams manage and update floor maps based on usage trends and evolving real‑estate needs.

“In the new world of hybrid work, the role of workplace services has never been more critical in creating great employee experiences,” said Blake McConnell, SVP of Employee Workflows at ServiceNow.

“With Mapwize, ServiceNow will power the future of employee experiences by making it easier for people to navigate their work environment and access the workspace information and workplace services they need to remain productive.”

Supporting flexible workspaces, visitor management and more

ServiceNow intends to build Mapwize’s capabilities natively into the Now Platform and the Workplace Service Delivery Suite.

Mapwize’s mapping solutions, product features and technical talent will complement and enhance ServiceNow’s existing Workplace Service Delivery capabilities. These include Workplace Space Mapping, Workplace Reservation Management, Workplace Space Management, Workplace Visitor Management, Case and Knowledge Management.

“ServiceNow is the global leader in driving beautiful employee experiences,” said Médéric Morel, CEO and co‑founder of Mapwize. “We are thrilled to join them in their mission to make the world of work, work better for everyone. With ServiceNow, we have the unique opportunity to scale our technology to help global organizations navigate hybrid work environments. Our technology, paired with the Now Platform and Workplace Service Delivery Suite, will remove the stress and time of navigating the workplace,” he said.

CEO Médéric Morel and CTO Mathieu Gerard founded Mapwize in 2014. The company is based in Lille, France. ServiceNow expects to complete the acquisition of Mapwize in Q3 2021. Financial terms of the deal were not disclosed.