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ServiceNow is launching a new Virtual Agent integration with Citrix ITSM that is expected to resolve virtual applications and desktop resets automatically. Virtual infrastructure is expanding as the hybrid work model takes root.

Companies are looking for ways to resolve their IT problems quickly, through automation. Chatbots have been helpful, but IT teams often have to manually handle incidents with virtual apps and desktop sessions.

ServiceNow says that resets are among the top five requests and incident types recorded. ServiceNow and Citrix’s planned integration will combine ServiceNow ITSM and Citrix ITSM Connector app.

What the integration aims to achieve

The integration will help IT to automate reset actions within Citrix Virtual Apps and Desktop service. ServiceNow’s Integration Hub will be the connector of the two platforms.

The goal is to resolve the incidents in minutes instead of hours, using AI-powered self-service across employees and apps.

IT Service Management (ITSM) is a holistic way of delivering IT to the entire organization. Management and implementation of IT services ensure that the needs of an organization are met. This approach intends to boost productivity and improve a business overall.

The benefits of integrating ServiceNow and Citrix

The solutions offered by both the ServiceNow and Citrix ITSM approaches allow users to grow demand across new employees and business units in organization scalability of digital workspaces becomes smoother.

The user experience for the workforce and IT is markedly different. In addition to that, it optimizes IT to utilize time on initiatives rather than waste it on manual processes.

As AI picks up the slack and allows employees to automate the common help desk requests, it becomes easier to spot problems and resolve them before they turn ugly or take up too much time and resources.