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Infor announces the acquisition of Lighthouse Systems, expanding its portfolio and attracting specialism in Manufacturing Execution Systems.

With the acquisition of Lighthouse Systems, Infor aims to provide its customers with complete solutions for the realization of their production activities. Lighthouse Systems is a supplier of so-called Manufacturing Execution Systems (MES). In particular, these smart systems enable manufacturing companies to better manage and improve their production, quality, inventory and maintenance activities.

Integration into Infor ERP portfolio

Infor plans to fully integrate Lighthouse Systems’ MES technology into its Infor CloudSuite ERP systems. In particular, Lighthouse Systems’ key product, Shopfloor-Online. According to Infor, the integration of Shopfloor-Online will soon give customers greater insight into all production activities and improve data consistency. The organization implicates that its ultimate goal is a provision of the tools required for accelerating digital processes.

The price at which Infor is buying Lighthouse Systems is unknown at this time.