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Sage acquires Brightpearl, adds ERP and CRM to portfolio

Sage acquires Brightpearl, adds ERP and CRM to portfolio

Sage acquires Brightpearl. Brightpearl develops a retail management software platform. This includes both ERP and CRM solutions tailored to the needs of retailers. With the acquisition, Sage hopes to strengthen its financial software offering.

Sage pays $299 million (€265 million) for the acquisition. The goal is clear. Sage is buying Brightpearl to broaden and strengthen the deployment of its financial software for middle-market companies (Sage Intacct).

As it stands

Accountants and administrators use Sage Intacct to provide financial services to organizations. Currently, the software has three focus areas.

Intacct Planning facilitates financial planning through analysis and forecasting. Interactive Visual Explorer enables accountants and administrators to provide customers and departments with visual, understandable dashboards that give insights to support strategic decisions. Intacct Construction combines both tools with software dedicated to construction companies and projects.

After the acquisition

With the acquisition of Brightpearl, Sage is taking the direction of Intacct Construction. This time, the focus is on retail instead of construction. The acquisition may express itself in an entirely new suite — for example, ‘Intacct Retail’. On the other hand, there is just as good of a chance that Brightpearl will continue under its own banner.

While we know that Brightpearl will be integrated with Intacct, details are unknown at this time. Only time can tell what the acquisition exactly means for end users.

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