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Not all of Tumblr’s content is visible in its iOS application. Under the terms of the Apple App Store, the blogging platform is required to block sensitive content.

Appl App Store terms dictate that content can be flagged for censorship. As a result, content accessable on Tumblr’s web platform isn’t visible in its mobile app for iOS. Topics on sexuality and suicide are among those flagged.

The main reason for Apple’s blocks is creating a timeframe to further examine the suitability of the content in case of doubt. Therefore, unavailability isn’t always permanent, and can be undone after the examination is performed.


Tumblr states it is aware that certain content is not visible in its iOS application. The blogging platform notes that its required to make changes to comply with Apple’s terms, underscoring an understanding of frustrations among users that provide and consume the platform’s content.

The blogging platform says it’s working on solutions to address the issue. These solutions should become available in the near future.

Long-standing dispute with Apple

Tumblr and Apple have been disputing the accessibility of content for some time. In 2018, child pornography was found to be present on the blogging platform, at which point Apple briefly removed Tumblr’s iOS app from the App Store. Tumblr has been extensively attempting to ensure its content is compliant ever since.