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Apple is implementing stricter rules for apps in its App Store regarding the SDKs used. This applies specifically to the SDKs used by app developers from other vendors on an Apple-curated list. This is to ensure end-user confidence in these apps. The measure goes into effect May 1st.

The tech giant requires all new and updated apps that use an SDK on an Apple list to comply with new, stricter rules. They must disclose why they use these particular SDKs and state this in the privacy statement. Also, the SDKs in question must have a valid signature, which must be added as a binary dependency.

Reason for these measures

As a reason for the stricter measures, Apple states that developers are always responsible for the code of their apps. Even if that involves frameworks and libraries from other sources. According to the company, this is essential to maintain the trust of end users.

Apple says it will be strict in enforcing these new requirements for the App Store. When apps do not comply, Apple will not allow them. In addition, the company indicates that it also rejects apps if no reason is given for using a listed API. The same goes for code that is part of a dynamic framework or if the framework consists of a newly added third-party SDK.

Future requirements

Apple plans to go one step further in the near future by soon applying the requirements currently in place to the entire binary of apps. If an API is not used for the permitted reasons, Apple will ask developers to find an alternative.

With these far-reaching measures, Apple says it wants to build a better understanding among developers and end users about how third-party SDKs use data, to better secure software dependencies and provide greater privacy protection.

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