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Oracle is launching two new modules for NetSuite. Cash 360 helps finance professionals manage cash flows; Project 360 provides project managers with detailed project insights.

Cash 360 is available immediately as part of NetSuite, Oracle’s ERP platform. Project 360 was launched as part of NetSuite SuiteProjects, an extension of NetSuite for service providers.

NetSuite Cash 360

Cash 360 was designed for two purposes. First, the module provides insight into an organization’s cash flow. Accounts receivable, accounts payable and available cash are displayed in real-time via a dashboard.

Second, the module performs cash flow forecasts. Cash 360 uses as much financial data as possible to calculate the future of a cash flow. Thus, the liquidity of an organization can be determined and predicted.

NetSuite Project 360

The second introduction, Project 360, appears elsewhere on the ERP platform. NetSuite SuiteProjects is a specialized ERP solution for service organizations. Project 360 has been added to the solution.

The module provides project managers with an overview of an organization’s projects. A single dashboard displays key metrics and facts for each project. Think of the budget provided for a project and the budget required for its completion. Or project profitability, calculated through multiple data sources in SuiteProjects. Problems can be identified at a glance.

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