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Cisco recently updated Webex with features for automatic subtitling, smart audio technology and audio channels for professional, streamed events.

Cisco Webex is up against larger platforms like MS Teams, Zoom and Google Meet. Frequent updates are a competitive necessity. The most recent update improves Webex’ usability and accessibility.

Automatic subtitles and clearer audio

Automatic subtitles for video calls are now available. Natural language processing (NLP) allows for automatically generated subtitles for calls in over 100 languages. Another 13 languages will be added soon.

According to the tech giant, the feature particularly supports users with hearing loss. Automatic subtitling will be decoupled from the Webex Assistant, so that all participants in a call will get subtitles automatically, without having to activate the Assistant first.

Cisco is also adding ‘Optimize for my voice’ and ‘Optimize for all voices’. The features allow participants to make their voice sound clearer by filtering out background noise. Users can also do this for other participants in a conversation or meeting.

Webinars and events

Furthermore, new functionality was added for webinars and large-scale event streams, especially in the area of direct audio translation. Cisco added separate audio channels to be assigned to participants. Organizers of events can offer attendees a language-specific audio channel and assign an interpreter to each channel. Participants can simply choose the audio channel in their language of preference and join.

Cisco has high hopes for its event streaming capabilities. Previously, Webex was updated with translation functionality for up to 10,000 participants.

Interface update

Last but not least, Cisco added functionality for customizing the interface of meetings and webinars. This functionality allows participants to focus their views on specific participants or presentations. It also allows organizers to determine the interface of participants.

All new functionality is available immediately.