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Oracle introduces a suite of new supply chain management tools for Oracle Fusion Cloud Supply Chain & Manufacturing (SCM).

Oracle SCM is used by organizations in industry and logistics to streamline supply chains and manufacturing processes. The sectors were hit by the pandemic over the past three years. A recent survey by Oracle indicates that nearly nine in 10 consumers were impacted by supply chain disruptions in 2021. Oracle hopes to overcome the challenge with a series of new applications in Oracle SCM.

Delivery times

A new algorithm in Transportation Management allows organizations to predict the influence of external factors on delivery times. Think of forecasts based on weather conditions, labour shortages and inventory problems. Delivery times have long been calculable, but exclusively on the basis of an organization’s delivery history. Now, it’s possible to integrate data sources from external partners, resulting in more accurate forecasts.

Analytics and visualization

Furthermore, Oracle introduced analytics functionality to find optimal trade agreements for shipments. The functionality works on shipments’ bills of materials. The material in a delivery is analyzed to find advantageous, international trade agreements.

In addition, Oracle expanded the digital assistant of Transportation Management and Global Trade Management. The updated assistant works with 18 different languages. Finally, an organization’s transportation data can now be visualized. “Organizations can look at how accurate their predictions have been over time or analyze their savings from certain trade agreements without switching to a reporting tool”, says Derek Gittoes, Supply Chain Management Product Strategy at Oracle.

The new features are immediately available to Oracle SCM customers.

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