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Loft Labs introduces SDK for vcluster plugins

Loft Labs introduces SDK for vcluster plugins

Loft Labs launches a software development kit (SDK) for vcluster plugins. The SDK allows developers to automate virtual Kubernetes clusters with single lines of code.

Vcluster virtualizes Kubernetes clusters. Virtual clusters are hosted on an isolated API server and can be managed without host cluster authorization. This allows organizations to decentralize the management of Kubernetes clusters. The latter can significantly reduce operational costs in development environments. Hence, vcluster is regularly used to cut multi-tenant Kubernetes management expenses.

Today, Loft Labs introduced a SDK for vcluster plugins. A vcluster plugin run between virtual clusters and host clusters. A plugin is responsible for mirroring the behaviour of a virtual cluster to the host cluster. Although vcluster has always depended on plugins, users did not have a practical way to customize the logic of plugins. That changes with the introduction of the SDK.

Vcluster plugin SDK

The SDK allows devs to code custom plugins. A few lines of code can be enough to adjust vcluster’s logic and meet an infrastructure’s needs, without ever having to consider or adjust vcluster’s base code. Among other things, plugins define the way in which vcluster responds to events. Think of freeing up capacity following an event in a containerized app.