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‘Adoption and change management are neglected too often’

‘Adoption and change management are neglected too often’

Implementation partners are missing opportunities in the areas of adoption and change management. Customers expect much more than reasonable prices and fast projects

myBrand asked IT decision-makers in Western Europe about the qualities they seek in an implementation partner. More than half of those surveyed feel that an application is not used optimally when the implementation project lacks attention for adoption. Adoption and change management are two of the most important qualities.

Although software pricing and project speed remain important, adoption and change management set the tone. Nearly half of those surveyed feel that their current implementation partner is too focused on implementing new tools and technologies, coming at the expense of paying attention to the people working with new technology.

“Adoption and change management are too often neglected within implementation projects”, the researchers state. “As a result, new tools and services aren’t used optimally.”

A solution

“For organizations seeking a suitable implementation partner, the selection process is a focal point. Investments are often considerable, which makes it all the more important to pay sufficient attention to the space that a partner reserves for adoption, training and change management.”

“The opportunities for IT companies lie on the same plane. Suppliers who pay sufficient attention to the people who will have to work with new technology will ultimately reap the benefits themselves.”