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Microsoft launches new beta version of Microsoft Edge

Microsoft launches new beta version of Microsoft Edge

Microsoft introduces a new beta version of Microsoft Edge: 100.0.1185.10. PDF previews were revamped. Progressive Web Apps (PWAs) sync on any device with an active Edge account.

On Thursday, members of the Microsoft Edge Beta Channel gained had access to a new build. PWA synchronization and PDF previews set the tone. Nine new policies provide control over the browser usage of employees.


The new build includes a lightweight window for previewing PDFs. Although the live version of Edge is capable of doing so as well, the current window is far from optimal. The new variant is lighter and faster.

Progressive Web Applications

Secondly, Microsoft tinkered with the synchronization of Progressive Web Applications (WPAs), including Office.com. WPAs run partly on servers and partly locally. The new build ensures that all installed WPAs are synchronized on devices with a logged-in Edge account.


Finally, the new build includes nine new policies. ‘AdsTransparancyEnabled’ allows administrators to enable and disable the transparent ads feature. In 2021, Microsoft introduced the transparent ads feature to offer users insight into ads. In the live version, the feature is exclusively configurable by users. The new policy help administrators with mass configurations.

Four of the nine new policies provide greater control over the WebHID API, a widely used API for protocols such as Bluetooth.

Tip: Microsoft is testing ads in Windows 11 Explorer