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Thoma Bravo to pay $10.7 Billion to acquire Anaplan

Thoma Bravo to pay $10.7 Billion to acquire  Anaplan

Thoma Bravo LLC, a private equity investment firm, said that it has agreed to buy Anaplan Inc., a business planning software firm, for $10.7 billion.

The all-cash deal Anaplan shares prices are now trading at $66, up from $50.59 per share on Friday.

Anaplan, founded in 2006, bills itself the transformer of how businesses across industries generate business success. The firm provides a cloud-native linked platform that aids organizations in making better planning and choices more quickly.

What Anaplan allows customers to do

Customers can examine “what-if” possibilities, contextualize current performance in real-time, and estimate future results using Anaplan’s Polaris Calculation Engine and Hyperblock technology, making quicker, more confident choices.

Customers of Anaplan, according to the company, get the capacity to quickly shift tactics, redeploy resources, and improve strategic business objectives to boost growth, efficiency, market share, and profitability.

Anaplan’s platform includes capabilities such as data sharing throughout the company and real-time delivery of essential data and insights to stakeholders. Employees throughout an organization may contribute their experience and expertise with role-based, auditable access.

A firm Thoma Bravo has had eyes on

Holden Spaht, a managing partner at Thoma Bravo, said that Anaplan is a top frontrunner in linked planning, addressing significant business needs for the world’s foremost organizations as they conduct essential and challenging digital transformations.

The transaction is remarkable not because Thoma Bravo has acquired another firm but because Sachem Head Capital Management purchased a 9% interest in Anaplan in late February. Sachem Head was said to have had long-term aspirations for Anaplan, including pressing the firm to adapt.

Thoma Bravo is a serial acquirer of technology firms that have included Veracode Inc. (purchased for $950 million in 2018), Proofpoint Inc. (purchased for $12.3 billion in June), and Medallia Inc. (purchased for $6.4 billion in July).