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Microsoft will integrate Windows 11 and Windows 365

Microsoft will integrate Windows 11 and Windows 365

The integration will be done via Cloud PC experiences, the company says.

This week Microsoft outlined the future of the Windows desktop experience for its commercial customers during an online presentation lead by chief product officer, Panos Panay. Microsoft plans to bring Windows 11 and Windows 365 closer together, Panay explained. This will happen through deep integrations with its Cloud PC service, which Microsoft says will enhance hybrid work scenarios and productivity workflows for companies using or deploying Windows PCs to their employees.

Panay also described the new plans in a blog post. “At Microsoft, it’s our responsibility to deliver tools and technologies that make hybrid work, work for you, our customers,” he wrote. “Windows is central to this mission.”

“Windows 11 is the operating system for hybrid work,” Panay continued. “It’s built on a compatible and familiar foundation that’s easy for IT to manage. It’s designed to meet the challenges of an ever-evolving cyber landscape and equipped with experiences that help employees do their best work.”

Panay explained that “with Windows 365, businesses can stream the entire Windows experiences from the Microsoft cloud to any device, representing an important step in our journey to bring Windows to the cloud.”

A solution designed for business users only

Windows users will benefit from layers of tightly integrated hardware and software protection, he added. This includes deep partnerships with device and silicon manufacturers to elevate security against multiple attack vectors. “You need your devices to be more secure than ever from phishing, weak credentials, malware, ransomware, data loss and the serious risk of hardware attacks if a device is stolen,” he said.

Microsoft says these new Windows 365 cloud integrations will be exclusive to commercial customers, as Windows 365 isn’t a service that normal consumers can subscribe to. “We are building Windows for the future, to support the future of your business,” Panay continues. The aim is to offer organizations “the most secure, manageable and productive Windows experience on the planet.”

Tip: Windows 365 Cloud PC: cloud version of Microsoft operating system