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Apple iWork 12.0 adds new features to Numbers, Pages, and Keynote

Apple iWork 12.0 adds new features to Numbers, Pages, and Keynote

Apple introduced Pages, Keynote, and Numbers 12.0 on Thursday, constituting the first significant improvements to the iWork suite in several months.

On both iOS and macOS, there are updated editions of all three apps. You’d think they would be big development releases based on the version number; however, they add a few things.

Apple’s automation tool, Support for Shortcuts, has been added to macOS. Pages, for example, now has actions like “Open Document” and “Create Document.” Numbers has the same functionality as Excel, but with the addition of the “Add Row to Top or Bottom of Table” action.

The new functionalities

You can open and create presentations in Keynote, but you can also choose to open them in Rehearsal Mode or Show Mode.

New VoiceOver features in Numbers and Pages, as well as the ability to publish to Apple Books with bigger files, sizes up to 2GB from Pages, and the ability to “copy a snapshot of table cells without formulae, categories, or hidden values” in Numbers, are among the other enhancements in macOS.

Pages for iOS add the ability to publish bigger files and additional VoiceOver features and enter page numbers anywhere and create a new document with a long-press action on the home screen.

The apps are done and ready to go

Numbers now allows you to zoom in to 400% on presentations, while Keynote receives the same VoiceOver and snapshot improvements as its macOS variant. Finally, all three iOS applications enable you to select a font size with up to two decimal points for more accuracy.

Apple’s App Store now has all of the upgraded applications for users to access. These precision improvements will now allow the app’s users to have granular control over their work and how they do presentations.

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