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SAP kicked off its Sapphire event in Orlando. During the opening keynote, the company focused on sustainability. In addition, there’s a focus on improving supply chains and low-code and no-code application development through AppGyver, a solution acquired by SAP last year.

Christian Klein, SAP’s CEO, kicked off his keynote with a brief retrospective. The world changed dramatically in recent years. Many companies had to adapt to keep their heads above water. Research shows that 80 percent of companies look to digital solutions to solve their business challenges. At the same time, only 30 percent of them are successful in digitally transforming their business processes.

At Sapphire, SAP is introducing the necessary cloud solutions to help companies innovate their business processes. SAP says it is responding to the end-to-end business processes that are most important to customers.

Supply chain and production processes

Klein says that many companies outsourced a large part of their supply chain in the past. At the time, it was interesting to do so. Now, for some companies, outsourcing became a hindrance. To improve performance and reliability, many companies want both an efficient and transparent supply chain.

One way to improve the supply chain is to use the right digital solutions — something that SAP has been capitalising on for years. Now, SAP is trying to further improve in collaboration with Apple. SAP is introducing a number of new iPhone and iPad applications to better streamline the supply chain. The first two applications are SAP Warehouse Operator and SAP Direct Distribution. The applications can be used directly on the shop floor.

In addition, SAP’s new SAP Digital Manufacturing Cloud brings together the latest innovations in the field of analytics, edge computing and automation. The solutions helps customers optimize production processes, which has a direct impact on the supply chain as well.

From talking about sustainability to action

At any conference you attend in the past year, whether physical or virtual, every company is talking about sustainability. SAP has noticed that many companies discuss the topic and set goals, while action is rarely shown. SAP developed new solutions for companies looking to put their money where their mouth is. The SAP Cloud for Sustainable Enterprises solution enables companies to manage and map their sustainability. The enhanced SAP Product Footprint Management solution enables customers to map and reduce their carbon footprint. This solution can be linked to the SAP S/4HANA Cloud, where matters such as transport and travel can be included as well.

SAP integrates low-code and no-code solutions with SAP Service Cloud

Last year, SAP acquired AppGyver, which can be used to develop low-code applications. Now, one year later, SAP has made it possible to integrate SAP AppGyver with SAP Service Cloud, so that customers themselves can quickly develop applications that work over the Service Cloud. AppGyver will be available free of charge within the SAP Business Technology Platform. The SAP Process Automation solution has also been enhanced with no-code capabilities for workflow management and RPA.

Rise with SAP

Finally, SAP will discuss the Rise with SAP model that was introduced last year. Rise with SAP provides a way to innovate with the help of SAP solutions.

Tip: SAP pushes S/4HANA Cloud ERP with RISE with SAP