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Zozio, a Paris-based logistics platform, picked up a €4 million round to grow the business internationally.

Zozio raised €4 million in funds. The round was supervised by Capricorn Partners and recognized the contribution of Industrya and The Faktory Fund. The funding serves to expand the Paris-based logistics platform internationally, comprising distribution partnerships and setting up a new office in Germany.

Zozio plans to become a European industry leader with its AI-based platform designed for predictive logistics. Thus, the start-up has planned to multiply the workforce to advance its solutions for manufacturing companies across Europe.

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Zozio’s solution

Zozio’s solution enables customers to streamline their factory’s flow of field data collection, visualization, and analysis in real time. Moreover, the solution frees technical operators from repetitive and labour-intensive tasks while the operational manager carries out logistics planning.

The solution has proved to be suitable for increasing factory productivity, reducing resource waste, and improving working conditions. Established by Bastien Triclot and Fabrice Jutteau in 2019, this AI-based predictive logistics platform intends to become a major logistic platform for tomorrow’s industry.

In addition to this, Zozio has seen impressive traction through this solution. “With our solution, we can increase productivity by up to 10 percent, eliminate several tons of product waste and improve working conditions”, said Zozio founder Bastien Triclot.

Today, Zozio is collaborating with big brands, including Saint-Gobain, L’Oreal, Daher, and Renault. The Financial Advisor and General Partner of the Facktory Fund revealed what made their company invest in Zozio. “Zozio quickly developed and marketed a solution to a specific industry need. Its first products and its expertise convinced important customers in France and in neighbouring countries”, shared a spokesperson.