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Nuclia, a startup offering AI-powered data search, raised $5.4 million in seed funding from Ealai and Crane Venture Partners.

This seed funding round will allow the organization to launch NucliaDB, its cloud-native and open-source database. Formally known as the Bosutech S.L., Nuclia further announced the readiness of its application, which allows the developers to incorporate an extremely effective, artificial intelligence-powered search to any service, website or application.

Public availability of NucliaDB

Essentially, Nuclia built an AI-powered solution to search for unstructured data. Nowadays, every organization generates massive amounts of data. According to Nuclia, roughly 80 to 90 percent of data is unstructured and stored in unreadable formats such as video, audio, or PDF. Up to now, querying this type of data has been a major challenge.

With the launch of NucliaDB and Nuclia’s API, the startup says that this type of power becomes accessible to everyone. You can find NucliaDB on GitHub. The organization claims it is the first-ever vector database primarily aimed at unstructured data.

Vector database available to everyone

Andy Thurai, an analyst for Constellation Research Inc., told SiliconANGLE that Nuclia is solving issues faced by multiple companies, possessing large numbers of unstructured data that they don’t know how to manage. Since that information cannot be read quickly, they store it indeterminately, hoping that someday they will find out how to use it.

“First, their (Nuclia, ed.) search can be completely API-based”, said Thurai. “Once the proper data sources are connected, any app can use Nuclia’s publicly available API to perform searches on unstructured data. Second, they can do multilingual searches using a text search box. In that regard, it’s aiming to be the Google of unstructured data search.”

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