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Microsoft launched a preview of the Windows 11 updates planned for August’s Patch Tuesday. The update, dubbed Windows 11 KB5015882, adds 20 fixes and enhancements, including a new OS upgrade and Focus Assist capabilities.

Users can test the upcoming upgrades and fixes from the August 2022 Patch Tuesday by downloading KB5015882 from the Microsoft Update Catalog. Preview releases only offer bug fixes and performance enhancements, as opposed to the general upgrades published on Patch Tuesday.

What’s inside?

The update changes Windows 11’s build number to 22000.829. Some of the update’s highlights include the ability to choose whether to get urgent notifications while focus assistance is on. Focus assist hides notifications, similar to a do not disturb mode.

Additionally, there’s a fix for a problem that prevents File Explorer from working on some devices while the play and pause keyboard buttons are pressed. Microsoft also fixed a bug that prevents File Explorer from running when the Start menu’s context menu (Win+X) is used, and an external monitor is plugged into your computer.

Furthermore, the update includes fixes for a bug that causes the taskbar’s search icon to open a blank window that you are unable to close. Lastly, Microsoft fixed a problem that caused troubleshooting tools to be unavailable.