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Sage launches Sage People Payroll in US and UK

Sage launches Sage People Payroll in US and UK

Sage has announced the launch of Sage People Payroll in the US and the UK. The announcement comes only a week after it launched Sage Payroll in Canada to supplement Sage Accounting.

The UK and US products are tightly integrated with Sage People, its powerful HR solution.

“Launching Sage People Payroll in the UK and the US is an important milestone for us, delivering on our strategic ambition of being the trusted network for an integrated Payroll and HR solution for mid-sized businesses,” says Jonathan Goldsmith, Head of HR and Payroll at Sage.

“Running payroll is not just clicking a button. Due to recent regulatory changes, complexities added by the gig economy, and the global pandemic, it has become one of the most complex business operations from a back-office perspective. It’s the engine room of a business that needs to run seamlessly on a tight schedule. Our new software has been designed to empower teams to collaborate efficiently, quickly and accurately, enabling them to boost productivity and enhance employees’ satisfaction.”

The announcement raises questions

The new products are supported by the Sage Digital Network, which enables Sage to integrate solutions across its portfolio. It appears that Sage People now has the API capability to integrate with other payroll solutions. It will be interesting to see if announcements in other countries follow.

One take away from these announcements is that it seems that instead of further developing its own payroll solutions, Sage has chosen to OEM other solutions for each region.

In the US, Sage has partnered with ADP (Automatic Data Processing), the leading payroll provider. In the UK it is using the Brain Payroll solution. This is perhaps because that solution is already multi-tenant in the cloud.

Sage says these partnerships offer enhanced payroll capabilities and enable SMBs “to complete a secure, compliant and accurate payroll process in a matter of minutes.”

These moves however prompt the question as to whether Sage is shifting away from developing payroll solutions itself.

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