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Microsoft recently disclosed a new problem impacting Windows 10 devices. The tech giant announced the issue on the Windows 10 operating system’s Release Health support site, noting that affected devices may experience audio playback difficulties.

The problem only affects a select number of Windows 10 devices. It originates from the August 2022 cumulative OS update and the August 2022 preview OS update, KB5015878.

According to Microsoft’s statement, audio on impacted Windows 10 devices may not perform correctly or work at all. The severity of the problem appears to vary. On some computers, audio playback is wholly broken. On others, audio playback is only impacted for specific apps, audio devices, or ports.

Microsoft’s solutions

On most PCs, audio optimizations were deactivated before installing the cumulative update. According to Microsoft, the sound drivers of some computers may have difficulties with the functionality.

Microsoft released solutions for the issue, which were split between recommendations for systems that did not have the update installed and advice for systems that did have the update installed.

These remedies included upgrading audio drivers through Windows Updates or the manufacturer and ensuring that the microphone, speakers, and headsets audio devices are set to the correct device rather than the default.

Manual resetting may be required

Microsoft says that the update may have reset audio endpoints on devices, which explains some of the problems that Windows users experienced after installing the update. Administrators can address the issue on systems that have received the upgrade by running the audio troubleshooter or following the instructions for deactivating audio optimizations.

In the interim, Microsoft fixed the problem via a Known Issue Rollback. The update is automatic and will prevent the bug for devices that have not yet received the August preview or final updates. The audio playback issue isn’t automatically solvable on affected devices, meaning you’ll have to reset them manually.

Tip: Reports say Windows 11 22H2 update will be available on September 20